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Inline Skates & Rollerblades

Inline Skates and Rollerblades

Back in the days of yore (the 70s and 80s) kids loved skating on roller skates. Designs changed over the years and though roller skates still exist, most people favour inline skates. Inline skates offer the same four wheels as their predecessors, but instead of one wheel on each side of the skate, the wheels are lined up, one behind the other, to create one single blade for fast, smooth skating.

Roll With It

Packed with fun features, rollerblades and inline skates offer a fun skating experience for kids and adults. Some features to consider when youre skate shopping include a breathable lining that wicks away moisture so your feet stay cool, as well as adjustable ankle straps for a comfortable, custom fit. An aluminium frame is the most lightweight option and provides faster skating speeds. Choose the skate that best fits your ability, such as recreational wheels for beginners, or cross-training designs for more advanced skaters.

Try It On for Size

Recreational inline skates may fit differently than shoes. In most cases, its a safe bet to buy your regular shoe size, but if youre racing, or desire a more high-performance fit, you may want to size down a half size. However, hockey skates fit differently, and may run up to two sizes smaller than your normal shoe size. When youre buying inline skates for kids, keep in mind that many kids options are adjustable, meaning they can fit up to four different shoe sizes to accommodate growing feet. Its safe to order your childs everyday shoe size as long as you purchase adjustable skates that grow with your childs feet.

Play it Safe

As with any sport, its a must to take safety precautions in order to minimise the risk of injury. Skating protective gear ensures your safety on the track, pavement, or road. Even one fall could potentially spell danger, so its wise to always strap on a helmet when youre skating to protect your head. Secure knees and elbows with pads, and opt for wrist guards for added protection. Shorts pads keep your bottom half cushioned in case of a spill, and you can even purchased padded trousers or shirts to be cautious.


Rollerblading and skating equipment isnt just limited to pads. Purchase a bag to keep your skates in when youre not using them. This keeps them protected from dust and debris as well as safe from the elements, no matter where you store them. High-performance socks makes skates fit even more comfortably, and you dont have to worry about socks sliding down while you skate. Keep extra bearings and wheels on hand if necessary, and use special cleaner to keep your skates shining.

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