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Find sweet Korean skin care from eBay's collection of Innisfree skin care products

Conceived on Jeju island with a deep respect for nature, Innisfree is the first natural skin care brand from Korea.

Koreas have sworn by the eco-friendly and affordable Innisfree range for years, but it was only recently the rest of the world caught up, becoming obsessed with the beauty brand’s gentle and effective skincare products.

Committed to providing only the best beauty solutions nature has to offer, Innisfree harvests all-natural ingredients for their purely natural and cult-favourite beauty products, such as tangerine, orchids, green tea, and volcanic ash.

The eco-friendly and green company share the health benefits of beauty, while also remaining dedicated to providing products made using only the highest quality ingredients.

Innisfree skincare products are not only good for your skin, but they are also very functional as well, with people of all ages using the products such as the ones below for supreme benefits to the skin.

Matte Full Cover Cushion

The Matte Full Cover Cushion has a lightweight formula in an impressive 14 different shades to provide your skin with a natural-looking matte finish which easily blurs blemishes and redness in seconds. Once it's been blended in, you don’t have to worry about blotting or touch-ups because this foundation stays locked in throughout the day.

Matte Mineral Setting Powder

Dubbed by many Koreans as No-Sebum Loose Powder, this translucent setting powder has a great reputation and is extremely popular. People everywhere from Seoul, to Seattle, to Sydney can’t stop talking about its seemingly magical powers of oil-absorption. Simply brush it on your T-zone in the morning and you can forget about your skin becoming into a hot sweaty mess by midday.

Skin Reset Peeling Mask

This 2-step self-care mask simply removes dead skin cells and impurities with a peeling glove that provides tightening effects while replenishing nourishment and moisture through a soothing gauze treatment sheet for smooth, flawless textured skin.

Shop now on eBay for the pure products from Jeju Island, where the chemical-free soil and tranquil clear waters combine to create skin care products fit for you.