Popular Innisfree Products

Innisfree for beautiful skin

Innisfree is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific, which launched in the year 2000. Focussing entirely on creating totally natural, and organic skin care, Innisfree extols the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju, meaning each product produced promotes flawless natural beauty. The Innisfree brand also actively follows an eco-friendly, sustainable ethos to maintain the balance of nature.

Innisfree facial masks

If you or a member of your family suffer from acne breakouts, or oily skin, a clay face mask from Innisfree could be exactly what you're looking for. Innisfree skin clay masks smoothe out and nourish your skin by absorbing substances like sebum, and dirt from both on and below your skin's surface. A great place to start on your journey towards healthy, super soft skin is the Innisfree Super Organic pore clay mask. Containing 6000mg of Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay in every 100ml jar to absorb sebum, and unblock, and tighten your pores. Best used twice a week, simply massage the mask into your skin, leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it off for beautiful cool skin, and reduced redness.

Innisfree serums

For a fresh, dewy look, the highly popular Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree is the perfect choice for your skin. Made of the squeezed fresh green tea leaves of Jeju Island, this rich yet light serum contains a unique mix of minerals, and amino acid for extra moisture. A moisture protecting film is then achieved thanks to enriching seed oil, so your skin stays wonderful hydrated for longer. Innisfree serum skin care moisturisers also come in handy 80ml bottles, so they're ideal for your handbag, or in cabin luggage for trips away. Why not pair it up with a 50ml bottle of extra moisturising Green Tea Seed Cream too for extra touchable softness all year round.

So why put up with oily, or blackhead-prone skin a minute longer than you have to when there's a massive range of beautiful, pure Innisfree products to choose from on eBay right now.