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Insect Zappers

Insect Zappers

Insects are not always welcome guests in our home and when they come in numbers, they can be quite bothersome. Some insects even spread diseases which makes them even more unwelcome in our immediate surroundings. Whether you want to relax on your patio or inside your home with an open window, your pest control problems can be solved with a simple insect zapper.

Corded or Wireless

Portability is very important if you want to zap bugs further away from your power outlets. Insect zappers use a lot of volts, but their amperage is negligible, so you can find a battery powered model that works for a decent amount of time. Within your home or on the porch, corded models will work just as well, however, if you wish to dine uninterrupted in your garden, a battery model is an excellent alternative. Those who do not have power access on their porches can opt for a bug zapping bulb that can be installed in light fixtures. This bulb will still illuminate the porch, but it will also take care of your bug problem.

Electric Swatters

You can also take a more active approach in eradicating bugs if you use one of the electric swatters. Swatters look like tennis rackets and the power running through them is enough to kill any bug mid-air. These are especially effective for mosquitoes, since they are not attracted by the classic UV zapper which most people buy.

Useful Features

To protect from mosquitos with a single static zapper, you should look for mosquito attracting features. Some models have mosquito attracting technologies, to guide these pests to the zapper itself. You can also look for models that have a weatherproof design. If your zapper is intended to be used out in the open, buying a model that doesnt corrode from the rain or fade from sun corrosion is a big plus.

Insect Traps and Baits

If insects appear on locations where you cant keep a zapper, you can try to do pest control with insect traps and baits. Fly paper and cockroach traps have been used way before the zappers and they are still quite effective. If you wish to eradicate a lot of bugs in a single room such as the basement, you can also consider using insect foggers. Foggers are still largely used by pest control professionals and you can buy them in a set with an insect repellent of your choosing.