Instax Camera Film

Instax Camera Film

Instax cameras are Fujifilm’s way of bringing back the fun of classic instant cameras. Instax camera film is designed to be exposed and immediately printed from the camera.

Instax Mini

Instax Mini is a 10 exposure camera film pack designed for use with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini instant cameras. It is inserted into the camera in its cartridge. Instax Mini is an unusual 54 by 86 millimetre size and is printed in portrait format by the camera, so the final photograph is a good size to be carried in a purse or wallet. Unlike typical camera film, it also includes a deliberate framing border that is left unprinted, producing an image that measures just 46 by 62 millimetres. Instax Mini film is available with a variety of different border designs, including plain white, rainbow and dalmatian print. Fujifilm also sometimes releases other border designs in certain countries, and has also released Instax Mini Monochrome black-and-white film.

Instax WIDE

Instax WIDE is Fujifilm’s other instant film format for their Instax instant cameras. It is designed to fit the Instax WIDE camera and is too large to be compatible with any of the Instax Mini models. Like Instax Mini, it comes loaded into 10-shot cartridges that are loaded into the camera. However, it prints in portrait format, measuring 108 by 86 millimetres total. Like Instax Mini, it prints with a border, leaving an image size of 99 by 62 millimetres.

Other Fujifilm Instant Films

Although not as common as Instax Mini or Instax WIDE, Fujifilm has also produced Instax Square film. This film is designed to be used with the Instax Square SQ10 camera. Fujifilm has also produced Instax film in different sizes, including 20 exposure camera film packs. Finally, Instax is not Fujifilm’s only instant camera film. Although now discontinued, older instant camera films like FP100C are still widely available.

Instax Cameras

Fujifilm produces a small range of instant film cameras. The Instax Mini 8, Mini 50S, Mini 70 and Mini 90 shoot Instax Mini film, the Instax WIDE is designed to shoot Instax WIDE film and the Instax Square SQ10 shoots Instax Square film. With the Mini series, higher numbers mean more features. The Mini 8 has a shutter button and a brightness adjustment dial, while the Mini 90 provides more advanced options such as a double exposure mode and a macro function. The hybrid Square SQ10 goes even further. It is essentially a small digital camera with an added printer and features a microSD card slot for storing photos and an editing mode.