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Intel Computer Processors

A computer processor functions as the brain of laptop and desktop PCs. In most PCs, you will normally find Intel processors. This is largely due to their reliability and the variety they provide. However, casual PC users know very little about Intel processors or CPUs because they are unseen devices that need a bit of technical knowledge to better understand them. Before getting your next Intel Processor, having a bit of knowledge may prove to be beneficial in helping you make the right choice.

Which Intel Processor Specifications Do I Need to Compare?

To be able to compare Intel processors and choose the perfect match for your use, it is essential to understand the following specifications:

  • Clock speed - clock speed determines how fast a processor is able to perform tasks and measures in gigahertz (GHZ). The higher this number is, the faster the processor.
  • Number of cores - this refers to the number of 'engines' inside an Intel CPU processor. For instance, Intel quad-core processors have four cores while dual-core processors have two cores. This means that in instances where you need to run multiple programs at once, a four-core processor will outperform a two-core processor.
  • Hyper-Threading - This is an Intel technology that allows CPUs to perform as if they have double the number of cores. in simple terms, it allows each core to perform two tasks simultaneously, thus allowing better multitasking.

Turbo boost is also another helpful technology that helps Intel CPUs run much faster than their default speed.

What Are the Different Intel Processors I Can Find on Ebay?

Over the years, Intel has designed a number of processors to help its users enjoy intuitive, responsive and reliable experiences. These processors include:

  • Intel Core i3 - These processors feature two cores that have Hyper-Threading capabilities. However, they lack Turbo-Boost capabilities. They are great for home computing.
  • Intel Core i5 - Intel Core i5 processors have two cores as well as both Hyper-Threading and Turbo-Boost capabilities. Quad-core versions in this type have Hyper-Threading capability but lack Turbo-Boost. They provide fast and responsive performance for everyday use,
  • Intel Core i7 - Intel i7 processors have two cores or four cores depending on the make plus both Turbo-Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies. They are great for tasks that have high processing and graphic demands.

Intel Xeon, Celeron, Pentium and Atom are some other types of Intel processors.