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Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 Computer Processors (CPUs)

Power your computers with Intel

Intel is a well-recognised brand dealing in computer processors and other computer components. Many brand-new laptops come equipped with Intel technology, because their reputation for quality is second to none. The simple fact is, without a good quality computer processor (CPU), your desktop computers and laptops aren’t going to achieve the performance you want.

Any home computer relies heavily on its processor to manage the range of functions you need to perform. Whether you only use your computer for internet browsing and word processing, or even if you’re a heavy gamer, your PC still needs the right power.

A brand you can trust

When you look for new laptops and computers, there’s a sense of confidence you get when you see the name ‘Intel’ on the specs. The brand is well regarded in the tech industry, and they’ve got a reputation for quality and performance.

These Intel Core 2 Duo processors give you 2.8gHZ of power, meaning it can cope with your system performing a range of different functions. Don’t go for generic products when you can get quality at an affordable price here on eBay.

Rebuild computers with confidence

There are a lot of people out there who like to rebuild computers. Whether it’s a hobby or a business, people are always in the market for refurbished computers. That’s because it’s far more affordable than buying a new computer. However, if you’re rebuilding a computer, chances are you might want to upgrade the CPU without going overboard on price.

That makes Intel Core 2 Duo processors the perfect choice. You won’t pay an arm and a leg, but you’re getting a reliable CPU that has the power to drive most refurbished machines. If you’re in the business of selling rebuilt computers, you want to make sure they function well and keep your customers happy, and that’s why so many tech experts choose Intel.