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Intel Core i5 3rd Generation Laptops

The processing power of Intel Core i5 processors is excellent regardless of its generation. If you are looking into Intel Core i5 3rd generation laptop PCs, you will run into several models which are excellent for both lighter and heavier use. Ivy Bridge Intel processors are faster, smaller and more energy saving compared to their 2nd generation predecessors. They have a noticeable advantage in processing graphics and their only drawback is the increase in temperature that comes with the added power.


When selecting an Intel Core i5 3rd generation laptop PC, keep in mind that the Intel's 3rd generation processors first appeared on the market in 2012. This generation has seen a lot of improvements over the years, so it's highly important to look for models with a newer production year. While performance is dependent on more than just the processor, having a newer 3rd generation architecture means that the processor itself will have fewer flaws in its internal architecture. You can have a 2.5 GHz newer i5 processor that runs smoother than an older 3 GHz i5 processor, so it's always smart to check the production year and benchmarks.


Memory is as important as processing power on your Intel Core i5 3rd generation laptop. More RAM and more hard-disk space is always appreciated, but if you can’t have them both, opt for more RAM. Intel Core i5 3rd gen 250-499 GB laptops with more RAM will offer far better performance than models with double or triple hard disk space. Still, if you are used to carrying a lot of data with you, there's an argument to be made for Intel Core i5 3rd gen 750-999 GB laptops.

Consider the Use

Hard disk space is not the only thing that should change with your use intent. Intel Core i5 3rd generation laptop PCs come in several different styles ranging from a standard notebook to a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet models. Those who lead a more dynamic lifestyle could certainly use a thin ultrabook or a 2-in-1 models as it offers more portability. Switching to tablet mode on the 2-in-1 allows you quick access to data that is not always possible on a classic laptop. Of course, classic models have their advantage as well, mainly being more upgradable and more affordable than the thin and transformer models.

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