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Intel Core i7 3rd Generation Laptops and Notebooks

Laptop PCs have become an integral part of everyday life. If your number-one priority when shopping for a new laptop or notebook is power, the Intel Core i7 processor is the best choice for you. Dell and Lenovo, for example, both offer excellent high-spec laptops that can manage heavy duty processing using the Intel i7. Intel Core i7 processors are perfectly suited for multi-tasking and intensive workloads, making them a necessity for the buyer who wants the best performance from their laptop PC.

Ideal for Rendering

Intel Core i7 processors are an advancement on the manufacturer’s i3 and i5 range of processors, including all the same features but with even better performance. The top-end performance of the i7 processor makes it an ideal choice for 3D modelling and rendering software, such as those used in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. A more powerful processor allows you to render images and videos much more quickly and minimise the time spent working. For even better performance, try out a laptop with an Intel i7 K-series processor, these are unlocked for maximum performance through overclocking.

Perfect for Online Gaming

Online gaming often requires a top-of-the-line laptop PC. Performance is a must if you’re serious about getting into the gaming scene; laptops equipped with an i7 processor are easily able to give that level of performance and more. Intel’s third generation i7’s boast efficient cooling systems that keep your system safe when under load, giving you greater freedom to take advantage of the K-series’ performance. Couple this with a top of the line graphics card and your laptop will be perfect for any game.

Compatible with Various Operating Systems

Third generation Intel i7 processors can comfortably run a variety of operating systems. For every-day home use, a slightly older Windows 7 Intel Core i7 3rd generation laptop might be a good choice to save you money. If you’re the kind of buyer looking for maximum performance and an array of modern features, a Windows 10 Intel Core i7 3rd generation laptop may be best for you. Alternatively, those interested in more control over their system may benefit from purchasing an Intel i7 powered laptop with a Linux based operating system.

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