Intel Core i7 4th Gen. Desktop & All-In-One PCs

Intel Core i7 4th Generation Desktop

Desktop PCs that include Intel Core i7 processors deliver strong performance for demanding users. The Intel Core i7 sits at the top of the range and features hyper-threading and turbo-boost performance, making it suited to a variety of applications including video editing, gaming, CAD and other demanding programs and tasks. The 4th generation processor is also known as Haswell, and was created in 2013. Power saving and performance were improved over the previous line of processors. There is a wide variety of Intel Core i7 4th generation 4GB desktop PCs and Intel Core i7 4th generation 8GB desktop PCs to choose from.

Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs are favoured by those who value power, function and ergonomics. Unlike a laptop or ultrabook, a desktop is designed to stay in one place, are usually more powerful and can be upgraded over time. If you plan to upgrade the computer in the future, you should consider that components such as graphics cards can take up a lot of room, and have demanding energy requirements. Therefore you should pay attention to the size of the case and the power supply. In addition to the PC itself, you will also need to plug in a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse. Desktop PCs are comfortable to work at for long periods of time, thanks to the large screen and ergonomic keyboard and mouse. These PCs equipped with Intel Core i7 are powerful enough for just about any task, making them a smart buy for demanding users.

All-In-One PCs

All in one PCs provide a total package that appeals to users looking to save space. Instead of a separate tower, both the PC itself and the screen are combined as one. Connections such as USB are available either on the side or back of the screen, and all-in-one PCs usually have various adjustment options to suit your needs.

i7 4th Generation

The Intel i7 4th generation improves upon the predecessor by adding an extra 15 per cent in speed. They also come with Intel’s new integrated graphics processor featuring HD Graphics, Iris and Iris Pro. This will help with tasks such as light gaming and photo editing. The gains in power and efficiency make 4th gen i7 processors a popular choice.