Intel Core i7 6th Generation Solid State Drives

Intel Core i7 processors can be found in a wide range of computers from all the leading brands. The Intel Core i7 6th gen processors are also known as Skylake processors, and were released in August 2015. Intel is constantly innovating and producing more efficient products, and the 6th Gen i7 made improvements to both CPU and GPU performance, along with a reduction in power consumption. When an i7 is combined with a solid state drive (SSD), computers will perform at their maximum capability, providing the user with fast performance and quick access to all their files. Select from Intel Core i7 6th generation 8 GB All-In-One desktops, or if you want something portable then consider Intel Core i7 6th Generation SSD PC ultrabooks.


The i7 processors sit at the top end of the Intel range, and are designed for users that need the most power from their computer. I7 processors are suited to applications such as gaming, design work, multi-tasking and video encoding. The major benefit that an i7 processor offers is hyper-threading, which means it can deal with lots of information at the same time by accessing more processor cores.


Computers that are equipped with a solid state drive will benefit from faster boot times, quicker loading of programs and quicker access to data. Read and write speeds are also improved. SSDs make use of flash memory, which is both more secure and less prone to failure than mechanical hard drives which can be found in older computers. In addition, SSDs are quieter and more energy efficient, so they make a lot of sense if you want your computer to be fast and efficient. Unlike mechanical hard drives, SSDs can take a knock and still continue to function.

Mini PCs

Some people enjoy upgrading their desktop PCs over time, and tend to go for large cases with plenty of space, but this is not for everyone. For those that prefer to save space and enjoy a minimalist aesthetic, mini PCs are available. These mini PCs are fully equipped with i7 processors and SSD drives can be installed. There are various spec levels to suit gamers, business professionals and casual users alike. The main appeal is their portability, as they are not much larger than your hand and can be easily moved around. Simply plug in your monitor, keyboard and mouse and the mini PC is ready for use.