Interior & Exterior Paint

Home Paint

A new coat of paint can give your house a much-needed refresh, from touching up old furniture to transforming your living room. Transform your interior rooms or exterior facade to fit the latest trend or touch up existing coloured paint to keep your style of décor consistent throughout your home.

Interior paint

Achieve your perfect atmosphere with a simple lick of paint. For an interior wall, pair with a range of paint rollers available on eBay for quick application and a smooth finish. If you are looking to gloss your skirting boards, try using a trim for a professional finish.

A top tip for renewing your interior home is to try painting some old wooden furniture. Create patterns or keep it simple! Either way, you will be creating unique furniture with a new layer of paint. Pair with a suitable brush and bucket and you will be well on your way.

Exterior paint

Transform your outside surfaces from the face of your home to your garden shed or fence. Shop for stand-out paint colours if you are looking for something fun, or stick to neutrals to play it safe. Perhaps you are just looking for a classic white paint to refresh your existing exterior.

With weatherproof properties such as wash and wear resistance, exterior paints offer protection from the elements which is important when going for a lighter shade. Opt for a quick drying paint to seal in your colour right away.

Multipurpose paint

Multipurpose paint covers both interior and exterior needs, offering a great two-in-one solution. Discover vast colour schemes, with multipurpose paints also available in spray form. This can be a great way to quickly cover a surface with a smooth finish. Remember to keep your used paints sealed so that you can dip into them for seasonal touch-ups to cover marks and scuffs.