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Splash Around With Intex Swimming Pools

A great way to cool off on a hot day is by jumping into a pool. Intex swimming pools for sale come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that works well for your property. eBay offers plenty of options to ensure you get an affordable pool.

What are the different types of pools?

When you look at a reasonably priced Intex pool on eBay, you will find that there are all sorts of options. This allows you to choose the size that works for the number of people who will go in at a time as well as the ease of setup that you are looking for.

  • Metal frame: A metal frame pool will provide you with the ability to have a larger size. Additionally, it can come in round and rectangular shapes.
  • Inflatable: The walls of the pool are inflatable to keep the unit up.
  • Kiddie pool: The fully inflatable pool works as a splash pool for young children.
How to choose a new or preowned Intex pool

When you decide that you want to look at Intex swimming pools for sale, you will want to consider how many people will go in at a time and how much room you have on your property. There are a few specific things to consider as you shop on eBay.

  • Shape: Most pools are round or rectangular.
  • Dimensions: Consider the dimensions of the pool to determine how many people can go in together.
  • Depth: Explore the depth of the water to determine how high you want it to be when you're standing in the pool.
  • Construction: Determine if you want to have a metal or PVC frame or if you want the whole thing to be inflatable.
What might be bundled with an Intex swimming pool?

A number of things can be bundled with Intex pools to provide a more thorough swimming experience. Depending on the kits, it can include everything you need to keep the pool looking good throughout the year. Decide what you want to be included with the pool so you don't have to buy anything additional.

  • Pool cover
  • Water pump
  • Ground cloth
  • Ladder
  • Maintenance and cleaning kit
Benefits of Intex above ground pools

Whether you choose to buy a new or used Intex swimming pool on eBay, above ground pools are beneficial. They're easy to install because there's no need to dig into the ground. You can set them up quickly. Additionally, you can break them down and place them in storage when desired. If you do purchase a used Intex pool, you will want to look for any damage that may need to be repaired before you fill the pool with water.