Popular Intex Products

Don’t blow it; buy Intex pool floats and rafts, air beds and other inflatable items on eBay   

When it comes to easy-to-use inflatable pools, floats, airbeds and more, Intex is anything but full of hot air. Check out eBay today for thousands of Intex products that can turn everything from fun in the sun to a slumber under the stars into a more fun, comfortable experience for friends and family of all ages.   

Dive in with Intex 

Ready for some splashing around in the Aussie sun? Intex can help you cool off no matter your age with a range of kids pools and pool accessories for your home.   

Buy an inflatable kids pool online and add a new dimension to playing outside in the yard with the little ones. Or perhaps you’ve got a bigger swimming pool and just want to add a bit of extra fun to your setup. No worries, as we have hundreds of different Intex pool floats, with designs featuring animals, vehicles and more that will suit small swimmers and full-grown floaters alike. Intex also makes more standard inflatable floats lounges that provide the platform for a lengthy lay in the sun. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!   

A bed on the go 

Even if you don’t need one this very moment, having an air bed can come in handy at home and on the road.   

Having an extra sleeping space when the kids have friends spend the night or when relatives come visit can save yourself and others from a stiff night’s sleep on the floor. With built-in pumps and little storage space required, an Intex bed provide a quick solution.   

A new airbed can also make camping a more enjoyable experience. Buy a new airbed online and combine it with your tent to get in touch with nature without having to sleep on the cold, hard ground.   

Hop onto eBay today and add an air of fun and comfort to your life with inflatable pools, pool floats, airbeds and more from Intex.