Inversion Tables

Inversion tables help to relieve aches and pains

Use an inversion table to help alleviate aches and pains. Inversion tables have been used in therapy for decades as a way to counteract pain and discomfort. Its estimated that over 3.5 million Australians suffer from some sort of back pain and a good portion of those are on the lookout for effective ways to manage the pain, making this piece of fitness equipment a must-have.

Get relief from the stress of pain

There is a large range of inversion tables to give you every opportunity possible to help regain your fitness again, all whilst you put your feet up and recover from any aches or pains. On inversion tables, you can lay down at different angles with different pressures and the concept involves your body managing to relieve any painful pressure or muscle spasms with less pressure and load on the spine.

Inversion therapy involves locking your ankles into place before hanging you upside down. This changes your bodys gravity, easing the pressure. So, give inversion a go and feel the healing powers of gravity.

Similar to Pilates tables, some people use these tables as part of their fitness regime to either stretch out afterwards or to do sit-ups with less pressure on the spine.

You are able to just hang or rock gently backwards and forwards using a teeter on the table. With any device like this, you should always speak to a qualified medical professional, that way you know that you are making a safe purchase for your health.

Choosing an inversion table comes down to knowing what you are specifically after, as there is a large range of options available to pick from on eBay. If you are serious about using an inversion table for your pain then its probably a wise idea to explore high-end models as there are often more suited to easing pain.