Iron On Patches

An iron on patch is a convenient way to add a new style to existing clothing or for use in craft and DIY projects. The patches are made with an embroidered design that has a back which when heated, become sticky and adheres to the item you are ironing it on to.

Different Designs And Styles

There are plenty of different styles available. You can find aussie souvenirs, collectable patches and unique styles that feature everything from aliens to famous icons from movies and brands. Since the designs are varied, you can find something that suits your style. The patches are embroidered on fabric so they are flexible and can be ironed to clothing easily and the embroidery is done with cotton thread to produce a high quality and durable result.

Crafting And DIY Patches

Rather than sewing a complicated embroidered design, you can instead use embroidered iron on sewing patches which gives the same effect much more easily. They also can be used for quilting and other DIY projects.

Customise your clothing

If you have a jacket or t shirt you wish to customise, you can add an iron on patch easily to make a new design. You can add them anywhere on the clothing that there is a flat free space on which you can iron. The patches need to be ironed on the front side for between 30-60 seconds, then ironed again on the back of the material to make sure it has stuck. You should place a towel or clean cloth over the patch to protect it and your clothing while you iron it on. The iron on patches could be gifted or used to customise a gift you have already bought to match the person's taste. It will also make the gift unique so no one else will give your mate the same thing.