Iron Plant Stands

Iron Plant Stands

Wrought iron plant stands are a terrific way to showcase your plants, whether it’s inside or outside. The open, breathable shelving gives plants plenty of room to stretch out and wrought iron is a perfect accompaniment to any type of decor. Choose from a wide variety of different styles to suit you––and your plant’s needs.

Double Stands

Some stands are chiefly made to hold one or two large plants. These two-tier plant rack stands hold two larger plants comfortably. You can even place a hanging plant on the upper shelf, as it has plenty of room to hang down and grow. These are great also for spider plants and ferns. Place several single stands next to each other to create a beautiful assortment of larger plants.

Larger Shelving Units

If you want to display a mixture of larger plants, or a bevy of small and large plants, opting for larger plant shelving stands is a great idea. These are versatile units, which may be set up like small cubbies or cubicles, like a bookshelf or may even resemble a baker’s rack (and could be used as one). Look for multi units that have three, four and five shelves for ample room for your plants.

For Growing

If you are beginning a spring collection that eventually is going to make its way outside, then you may want shelf or metal plant stands that accommodate many small plants for seeding and growing. Look for bookshelf or cubby hole metal units, so each plant has an individual space in which to thrive and grow.


One of the benefits of wrought iron plant stands is the ability to place them anywhere. Because of wrought iron’s strong construction, these plant stands work well in a garden room or mudroom. They may even be placed in any room in the home. Additionally, you can place wrought iron outside in a garden or patio, as it withstands the elements.