Ironing boards that make chores easier

Ironing boards provide a smooth, flat, fabric covered surface on which to iron or press your clothes and household textiles. The style that you choose is usually determined by the amount of storage space that you have available. On eBay, you will find a cracking selection of designs to suit your laundry maintenance needs.

Different types of ironing boards

Freestanding ironing boards are the most popular option. The sturdy, fold flat, lightweight, metal design is easy to set up and boasts a locking mechanism that secures the legs in place. Most styles include a removable fabric cover and an iron stand.

Wall mounted ironing boards are a practical space saving solution that can be attached to a wall in any room. The pre-assembled ironing board is easy to install and can be turned right, left or inclined.

Pull-out ironing boards are completely hidden away until you need to do the ironing. The foldable ironing board is mounted on to an automatic extending support that is fitted inside a cabinet or cupboard. Drawer ironing boards are an alternative space saving option.

Benchtop ironing boards are a mini version of the standard design. The ironing boards feature a locking brace to prevent the board from folding while in use. The portable and compact board can be used on a table or any firm flat surface.

Multi-purpose ironing boards that incorporate a stepladder can be positioned in two ways. When not used for ironing, the board can be angled to expose the stepladder side.

Alternative ironing board options

Compact and portable folding ironing mats are designed to be used on a flat surface, and are ideal for homes with limited storage space, and frequent travellers. The padded fabric mat has 4 magnets that attach to the sides of a washer or dryer. It can also be used on a table or the floor.

An electronic clothes press is the luxury option for making sure your clothes are crease free. Most models have an in-built alarm that lets you know when you need to remove the clothes.