Isabel Marant and The Ecology of Fashion

Isabel Marant is a luxury fashion label based in Paris selling predominantly the Isabel Marant Etoile line of women's fashion but also men's fashion, shoes, bags and accessories. Look for Mr Hatman, the hat-wearing mascot of the label throughout the Isabel Marant collections. It all started in 1989 when Isabel Marant launched Twen, her first knitwear and jersey brand, at 22 years old. She held her first show in her own name in 1995 in the courtyard of a squat in Paris, with her friends as models.

Just three years later, she opened her first boutique in an old artists’ workshop. The boutique is still on rue de Charonne, in the Bastille district.

A consistent vision

Thirty years and 35 boutiques later, everything has changed yet Isabel's vision remains the same. She has always had a single-minded love of fashion. By the age of 11, she knew exactly what she did and did not, want to wear. As a teenager, she rebelled against stifling conventions and created her own look, including restyled military coats and her father’s sweaters.

Isabel Marant dresses women for their real lives – strolling down the street or zipping off on a moped. She never releases a design from her workshop without trying it on herself.

Keeping traditional skills alive

She has always encouraged handmade creations, and collection after collection has fought to keep traditional skills alive, an approach that she refers to as "the ecology of clothing".

Isabel has also collaborated with other companies to design a skateboard and Israeli beach paddleboard racquet for Heritage Paris, sunglasses for Oliver Peoples and an ethical 18kt gold watch for JEM Process.

Whether in Paris, New York, or Hong Kong, she has remained true to her original vision, and to her staff and partners who have been with her from the beginning.