Isis wings are a popular costume element for belly dancers – they're beautiful in their own right and, used with good choreography, can lend an element of high drama to a dance. The wings are typically made from light fabric like chiffon or silk, fastened to the shoulders with hook and tape connectors or arm bands. The dancer controls the wings using two long rods, so that the wings can be held out from the body further than arm's length. These days, you'll often find LED lights embedded through the fabric in spines – this adds stiffness and definition to the wings, but most importantly enables dancers to create a stunning light show in dim and dark venues.

Looking for other wing styles?

While Isis wings are the most common type used by belly dancers, there's nothing stopping you from adding other wing styles to your costumes. You'll find a range of costume wings here too, from angel to demon and pretty much everything in between.

Butterfly wings

Inspired by nature itself, butterfly wings make a lovely alternative to Isis wings. While they don't tend to have the span of Isis wings – usually stretching to the wrist or fingertips, rather than beyond – the dramatic and true to life patterns have an appeal all of their own.

Angel wings

Angel wings tend to be a hot favourite for costume parties, thanks in part to Claire Danes' ball outfit in a Romeo and Juliet movie. While they're often stiff and held in one position for convenience in a party atmosphere, you can sometimes find feathered wings that can be moved with the arms to aid in a dance act.

Dragon wings

Not a big seller historically speaking, dragons have catapulted into fame thanks to Game of Thrones. For something a little different, but still high in drama, pick up a pair of dragon wings and a sequin-scaled leotard.