Islamic Items

Islamic items for prayer and study

Traditional Islamic items are available for everyday religious worship use. On eBay you will find a great selection of authentic items that can teach you all about Islamic culture and faith.

Islamic items for prayer

One of the most important Islamic items for any home is the prayer clock. The Muslim wall clocks allow you to set a reminder for prayer time. The digital wall mounted clock features include recitals, an alarm function, and prayers times.

Beads are traditional items that are used during worship and prayer recital. The rosary style beads typically have 99 beads strung on waxed and polished cord. They are mostly made from natural wood, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, or durable embellished plastic. Some designs also feature decorative tassel ends.

Lightweight portable mats are practical Islamic items that are used during the five daily prayer sessions. Popular designs are made from hardwearing, thick polyester and are embellished with elegant elaborate designs and fringing. The prayer mats can be easily folded and stored. High quality travel-size mats are modern Islamic items that aid daily worship.

Islamic items that are worn by men include authentic caps. The high quality white or black cotton caps are available in a range of sizes.

Islamic items for religious study

When listening to the Quran its important to have the optimal lighting for studying. Lighting digital speaker lamps have an innovative design that allows you to listen to the Quran in your own language. The rechargeable desktop lamps deliver high-performance audio and feature an MP3 player, repeat and voice control, colour change lighting options and a choice of language translations.

Compact tabletop digital electronic Quran speakers offer the option to study the religious teachings in your own language, and at your own pace. The cylindrical multi reciter speakers are available in a selection of modern designs and boast remote control. Books for children and adults are also available.