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Island/Ceiling-Mounted Rangehoods

Island Chimney Canopy Rangehoods

Island chimney canopy rangehoods are a part and parcel of any modern kitchen nowadays. Almost all the new kitchens being built these days have rangehoods installed according to the size of the kitchen. They help keep the kitchen odour free and take care of oil residue. They also assist in providing light for food while cooking in different conditions. Some versions also have timers installed in them.

Types of Island Chimney Canopy Rangehoods

Island chimney canopy rangehoods are available in a lot of different designs and materials. Most commonly, stainless steel or glass is used for their creation. However, some designs use both glass and stainless steel for a finer and sturdier look. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to match your kitchen counters. They are also available in a variety of colours and you might even find silver island chimney canopy rangehoods to match your kitchen.

Commercial Island Chimney Canopy Rangehoods

Commercial island chimney rangehoods are easily mountable and adjustable on walls despite their large size. These are ideal for use in commercial kitchens where a large variety of food is being cooked at the same time. They can be operated through a remote control as well as through the LCD touch screen so that anyone in the kitchen can easily operate it. The rangehoods have strong extraction performance with multiple speeds and a large external air outlet. They have LED lights to provide excellent lighting and visibility to chefs as and when needed.

Island Chimney Canopy Rangehoods for Small Kitchens

Corner Island Chimney Canopy Rangehoods for small kitchens are smaller in size however, their functionality is the same. They are powered by double turbine motors with different extraction speeds to aid and abate smokes and smells for different cooking styles and preferences. The dimensions of the product are (w) 90cm x (d) 92cm x (h) 50cm and can easily fit in small kitchens in small apartments or studio apartments.

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