Isuzu Car and Truck Wheels

All the best Isuzu car and truck wheels

As one of the most popular Isuzu vehicles, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of D-Max rims available on eBay. However, you can also find a range of wheels to suit other Isuzu vehicles, such as the MU-X.


The Isuzu D-Max has been a popular work vehicle since 2002, sold as both a 2-door and 4-door utility in various iterations of the vehicle. The dual-cab ute is certainly the most popular in this country, with both tradies and lovers of the outdoors enjoying the versatility, power, and extra space the D-Max provides. As good as the D-Max is, though, many people might still want to dress it up a little more with some nice new rims, which is where eBay comes in!


Different rim materials to choose from

For those who want something particular in their wheel upgrade, there are a few different materials you can find rims made from. The popular ones are:


  • Metal alloy
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Mag


While every wheel type has its pros and cons, a lot of people just choose the style that looks the best for their car. The choice is yours.


Choose the diameter you need

Not all D-Max vehicles are the same, as they’ve been manufactured differently over the years. That means the standard wheels aren’t the same either. You can always change the size of your wheels, though, within reason. So, here are some of the popular wheel diameters you’ll find for the Isuzu D-Max:


  • 16-inch
  • 17-1inch
  • 18-inch
  • 20-inch


The choice is yours but remember that you’ll need new tyres to go with them if you choose a different wheel diameter than you previously had. You also need to ensure the number of bolts matches your car, otherwise you’re looking at some very expensive parts upgrades to get those wheels on.


Other Isuzu D-Max parts

There are so many other parts and accessories you can buy for the Isuzu D-Max. Whether you need Isuzu Dmax roof racks, Isuzu Dmax bullbars or anything else for your vehicle, you’ll find it easily right here on eBay.