Italian DVD

Italian DVD

It’s no secret that we enjoy watching European films when we’re in the mood for romantic winter tales or relaxing vineyard adventures. Italian films are a particularly popular part of Europe’s cinematic history. Now, you can use Italian DVDs and Blu-rays to experience contemporary and classic Italian movies. Whether you’re interested in the thrilling battles of WWII, the camp of a spaghetti western or the haunting ruins of the Colosseum, the breadth of Italian movies ensures that you’ll never be short of exciting options while perusing Italian DVDs. Truly beautiful scenic cinematography, themes of love and loss, explorations of Italian fine culture and the power of the Catholic Church are some of the most common features of Italian movies. Two of the most popular Italian movies in Australia are The Garden of the Finzi-Continis and Life is Beautiful.

Different Cinematic Style

If you are getting bored of the bombastic over-the-top style of Hollywood adventure DVDs, it might be time that you broadened your cinematic horizon. By watching Italian DVDs and Blu-rays, you can experience an entirely new style of storytelling, character development and film production. Take advantage of the different experience and deepen your overall understanding of film and filmmaking.

New and Recognisable Actors

Not only will Italian DVDs show you brand new storytelling techniques, they’ll also help you gain exposure to a wide array of talented and underappreciated Italian actors. You might even recognise some of your favourite Hollywood actors in older Italian classics. Today, some of the most recognisable Italian actors are Giancarlo Giannini, who appeared in Casino Royale, and Claudia Cardinale, who starred in Twice Upon a Time in the West.


Don’t waste your time watching advertisements on TV, waiting for an online stream to load or spending your hard-earned money on tickets at a packed cinema. With DVDs and Blu-rays, you can relax in the comfort of your own home and start watching a classic Italian movie in a matter of minutes rather than hours. If you’re worried about a language barrier, subtitled Italian Blu-ray discs make understanding Italian dialogue easy and interesting.

Genre Spanning

Italian movie genres span the entire breadth of cinematic thought. Take advantage of the thematic diversity and enjoy watching Italy’s unique take on adventure movies, thrillers, comedies, war epics and historical reimaginings.