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Iwata Systems and Sets

Whether you're a beginner model kit builder or a professional model painter, Iwata has the airbrush system to satisfy your needs and budget. Iwata began as a modest Japanese company in 1926 called Iwata Seisakusho where they produced their early air compressors and spray guns. Now, they provide solutions for industrial use as well as hobbyists.

What are the Features of Iwata Airbrushes?

Iwata airbrushes and paint supplies are easy to use thanks to their user-friendly features. These are some features you should know about when choosing your Iwata arts and crafts supplies.

  • Ink feed system: As the name suggests, the ink feed is the way ink gets into the airbrush. The three main types of ink feeds are gravity feed, side feed, and bottom or siphon feed. In a gravity feed, a small ink reservoir mounts on top of the airbrush gun and ink flows down into the gun as you paint.
  • Air source: The air source supplies the air to propel the paint. You can consider between compressor, carbonic gas tank, and propellant can. A compressor is a mechanical device that sucks in air, compresses it, and then sends it to an airbrush through a hose.
  • Trigger action type: The trigger types on an airbrush are single and dual action. On a single action trigger, depressing it immediately propels both air and paint. In a dual action trigger, you propel the air when depressing it and deliver the paint when you draw it back further.

What are the Types of Iwata Systems?

When shopping for your craft supplies, knowing about the different types of Iwata systems can be helpful. Here are some common Iwata airbrush systems.

  • Neo for Iwata: The Neo series is for beginner hobbyists, and they are affordable, compact, and easy to use and clean. They are available in both top button and pistol trigger type.
  • Eclipse: The Eclipse is a versatile, multi-purpose airbrush. It is capable of delivering high-paint-flow and allows users a high amount of precision in their painting. Many use it for heavier and premixed paints.
  • Hi-Line: The Hi-Line is Iwata's top grade airbrush system as it allows you to precisely control the air flow of your gun, thanks to its tight nozzle. With this high-quality nozzle, you can paint even on the most detailed of surfaces.