Iwata for a premium finish

Japanese in origin, Iwata is a cutting-edge producer of air compressors, paint sprays, and finishing equipment. The brand's founder, Satoru Iwata, was a Japanese video game programmer and businessman. The Iwata brand expanded over time to offer oil-free air compressors into a range of industries, from pharmaceutical companies to food manufacturers, and Iwata is now one of the top designers of air paint spray guns popular not only in Asia but across the world.

Iwata compressors and sprayers

If it's a quiet yet resilient and highly efficient product you need, look no further than Iwata's Smart Jet Pro compressor, ideal for lighter use by professional artists. Compact yet powerful, this extremely low maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor boasts a built-in airbrush holder and protective outer case, plus a convenient automatic shut-off facility for when it's not being used.

For larger paint jobs, the fantastically durable and lightweight design of the Iwata Pro Gravity Spray Gun Kits offer an excellent option too. Ergonomically designed with a new trigger and comfortable grip, the improved precision means you can achieve a totally professional finish with minimal effort.

Iwata airbrushes

Used to obtain the finest detail with even the most substantial of nozzles, Iwata airbrush systems and sets are hugely popular with both professionals and hobbyists alike. Offering versatile spray patterns without the need for changing the nozzle, these Iwata air paint spray guns atomises well at much-reduced air pressures, giving you extra control with less overspray. Plus there's nifty removable head assembly for easy cleaning and an easy to use top trigger for more accurate spraying control.

Whether you're looking to upgrade or you're buying for the very first time, take a look at the massive range Iwata has to offer on eBay, offering Iwata spray guns for everyone.