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J Brand is an American denim clothing company which was founded in 2005 in Low Angeles. In the early days, they only offered women’s denim, with the 811 skinny style becoming one of the most popular sellers. J Brand has worked with many fashion designers and has created iconic selling pants in department stores such as Bloomingdales. Now, the brand has created iconic jeans for men as well as women, with low rise, high rise, with a variety of cuts available. The jeans are high quality, and some even offer sustainable solutions. For whatever jeans you need, J Brand can meet your requirements to find the perfect match for your style, size, and shape.

Sustainability at J Brand

As jeans are made out of denim, which is one of the most water intensive materials out there, J brand has decided to create a sustainable collection. Some of the jeans in this collection are created from recycled denim, while others use a wash process that requires on average 90% less water than traditional washes. The sustainable denim at J brand are created up to 30% of recycled cotton. If you care about the planet, opting for one of the jeans from this collection is a great option for a staple in your closet. Keep an eye out for the Maria High Rise Jeans, Natasha Sky High Super Skinny, Alana High Rise, Sallie Mid Rise, Jules High Rise, or Jules High Rise. The factory that creates J Brand jeans is based in the United States, giving customers a better sense of where the products are made and what quality they could expect.

Icons at J Brand

One of the cool things about the pants at J Brand, is that all the designs have been named after fashion icons in the industry. Some of these include Adele, Selena, Natasha, Leenah, Maria and more. The pants available in a range of styles, including super skinny black leather, high rise trousers, boot cut in reality, mid-rise cropped, or other styles. They not only create jeans, but also other pants made from leather, and other materials. You will be able to find many of these on eBay, whether they are new or preloved. Some of the jeans fit slightly smaller than the size, so make sure to double check your measurements before purchasing any of the pants. The leather pants can be a tight fit since they have less stretch than cotton with elastane. Other jeans also include some Lyocell, which are textiles that have been certified as sustainable. Lyocell is 100% recyclable and has been created with a closed loop system where the chemicals used in making the material are recycled and can be used repeatedly. This makes Lyocell an incredible eco-friendly fabric and a step forward in the creation of environmentally friendly textiles.

Jeans at J Brand

The jeans at J Brand are created from a mixture of cotton, and elastane. Meaning they are comfortable and stretchy for everyday use. The comfort stretch denim is designed to hug all the right places and has excellent recovery. The jeans have a thick elastane fibre woven into the fabric’s weft, which means the material has compact construction that gives the material a sturdy feel. To keep the jeans looking great and staying in good condition, it is a good idea to only wash inside out with like colours. Do not bleach, tumble dry, or iron. One thing that sets the J brand jeans apart from many other jeans on the market, is that they were designed and made in the United States of America. This means that workers get fairer wages, and working conditions are better than many of the fast fashion companies around the world. This explains the higher price tag or many of the jeans.

If you are looking for high waisted jeans, J Brand has a wide range available for you. These have been a popular choice in the past couple of years after their revival in fashion. Mid-rise jeans on the other hand, have been a staple since the 90s, and J Brand has consistently made many styles to fit your daily needs.

Jean Shorts for Women
Along with the wide collection of full-length jeans, J brand has also created a wide range of shorts for women. Some are denim, while others are cargo shorts for any occasion. The denim shorts come with stylish colours including acid wash, grey cuts, and dark denim. Many of the shorts also include fraying and tears, which has been popular in fashion for the past several years. The cargo shorts, which can be a great option for daily wear, comfortable for a day out in the park or the beach, have large pockets which can easily fit your cell phone and wallet. While majority of the shorts available are short shorts, J Brand has also created some more modest high waisted and knee length short alternatives. All of the shorts are made out of cotton, require no ironing, and allow you to have a versatile and high-quality piece in your closet for summer time.

Men’s Jeans at J Brand

J Brand has expanded its collections to create iconic and simple jeans for men. Just like the women’s jeans, they are made from a combination of cotton and elastane and use technologies which require 90% less water with some jeans using up to 30% recycled cotton material. These measures decrease the overall environmental footprint of jeans, meaning you can feel great about your purchase in terms of the planet. These men’s jeans also come in a variety of colours and styles on eBay, allowing you to choose from relaxed brown jeans, black slim fits, distressed greys, or classic navy coloured jeans. The men’s jeans can be easily dressed down with a t-shirt and running shoes or dressed up with classic dress shoes and a collared shirt. It is easy to see the jeans are of high quality, therefore they could be worn for smart casual occasions such as date nights, events, parties and more.