J&S Surfing Boards

JS Surfing Boards

When looking to either start up surfing or invest in a quality board, nothing beats purchasing a JS surfboard. JS surfboards are a fleet of high quality, performance surfboards that are made like no other surfboard out there. There are three styles of surfboards they specialise in the Monsta 6, Air17, and Hyfi. The Hyfi uses a hybrid fibre technology that makes the board faster, lighter, and stronger that is easy to navigate big waves and makes turning easier. The Air17 is a fast ride with deeper concaves, softer rails, and a flatter rocker in the middle; this board allows you to jet out from the start. The Monsta6, the standard design board, pushes the big waves easily. The tail of the board has a subtle change in its curve, which creates a smooth ride and can push harder.

JS Surfboard Accessories

As with any sport, there are additional accessories or supplies that are good to have on-hand as needed. There are a few JS surfing accessories that would be important to have as back-ups in case you get into a gnarly brawl with the ocean or tangled up in some coral. With constant use, a surfboard grips are bound to wear down and become less effective, or start to peel up. Having an extra set of grips to match your JS surfboard would be a smart idea. They come in a variety of styles and colours to best match your taste and surfing style. While grips are made to last, nothing is forever and being able to switch these out will help keep your surfing schedule uninterrupted. Additionally, having an extra set of fins would be important in case you get into a nasty tumble. Your surfboard fins keep your board steady through the water, and if they suffer damage, your board won’t work properly. To have a set of JS fins to match your board will help keep your board in tip top shape for year round surfing.