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JBL Pro Audio Speakers & Monitors

JBL Pro Audio Speakers and Monitors

JBL produce a range of professional audio equipment for enthusiasts and professionals. JBL as a company has been around for 70 years, and always aims to push the boundaries and exceed expectations in audio engineering. If you have a passion for crystal clear, accurate sound the JBL audio equipment range is the ideal solution.

PA Speakers

A good PA speaker is a must have item for musicians, DJ’s, performers and those who seek the best quality sound in a portable package. JBL pro audio solutions feature innovative technology including their own advanced waveguide technology, transducers, latest cabinet materials and new advancements in audio technology to provide studio-monitor quality in a portable package. You can choose between powered and passive speakers, with the powered option being preferable as it requires fewer cables and has a built-in amplifier. There are a range of JBL Pro Audio PA speakers to choose from depending upon your specific usage.

Monitor Speakers

If you are a recording artist, filmmaker, audio engineer or performer the JBL Pro Audio studio monitors are an important component of your setup. JBL pro audio monitors are designed to suit all studio environments and have advanced features such as selectable input sensitivity, XLR and TRS inputs and TRIM switches. This results in a system that is easy to use, provides excellent sound production, customisation and can connect to all your signal sources. These products help you to develop great recordings with high accuracy and quality, saving you time and preventing any errors slipping through to the final product.

Speaker Quality

JBL Pro Audio is the most widely used brand in all professional applications, with around 70 per cent of professional venues using JBL products. This is due to the high-quality speakers which have won the hearts of music lovers and professionals all around the world. Ever since JBL pioneered the heavy-duty transducers which were widely used at concerts all around the world, they have continued to innovate and refine their product offering. With products to suit cinemas, recording and broadcast, commercial, tour and vintage, there is a speaker for every application.