JT Sprockets Motorcycle Chains and Parts

JT Sprockets is a leading brand known for manufacturing quality sprockets for ATVs and motorcycles. The company uses cutting edge technology and the most refined raw material in the production of motorcycle sprockets. Where gears are not convenient for use, sprockets are the ideal alternative parts used to transmit circular motion between two shafts. When it is time to service or upgrade your motorcycle, your motorcycle chain and sprocket set are among the main components that might need replacing.

Steel Sprockets

JT has put in a lot of effort to avail over 2,500 parts for sprockets built out of steel. This is mainly because different motorcycles have different sprocket specifications. The company manufactures rear steel sprockets out of C49 high carbon steel and front steel sprockets out of SCM240 chromoly steel alloy. Steel sprockets are reliable, durable and are easy to clean.

Aluminium Rear Sprockets for Racing

JT also manufactures special rear racing sprockets made out of advanced aviation grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy. Due to their lightweight design, precisely cut teeth through CNC based machining and long lifespan, bikers can expect nothing short of outstanding motorcycle performance. Furthermore, these pieces are also hand-finished to perfection.

Self-Cleaning Steel Front Sprockets

For added performance and durability, MX-series motorcycle front sprockets are designed to be more tolerant and have special self-cleaning grooves. Chromoly steel is used in the manufacture of these sprockets and they are heat treated to increase the lifespan of the sprocket. This feature is integrated into JT sprockets to give motorcycle racers the best results.

Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets

Since the 1990’s, rubber cushioned sprockets have been embraced by most Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. They serve the purpose of dampening the impact absorbed by the front sprocket teeth. To provide this crucial feature to riders, JT Sprockets adds a rubber cushion to some of its sprockets to cater for the needs of its consumers.