JURA for all coffee lovers

The JURA brand is well known across the world for specialising in the manufacturing of premium quality coffee machines for both domestic and commercial use. Aimed at the most discerning of coffee drinkers who really appreciate something special, JURA offers everything you could possibly need to achieve outstanding beverages, time after time.

JURA commercial coffee machines

Whether you're looking for a heavy duty industrial sized coffee machine for a cafe, pub, or restaurant, or just something to treat yourself at home, JURA has it all covered. Indeed, if it's a commercial coffee machine you need, many of the larger ones are fully automatic, like the JURA E8 which is ideal for making large quantities of delicious coffee quickly, and easily.

This is especially useful when you're making coffee for a lot of people. The whole E series comes with the intelligent CLARIS water filtering system built in, giving you not only delicious, pure tasting water, but also protects the machine from limescale, which can damage the machine and lead to an unpleasant taste.

JURA for the home

For added convenience when you're especially busy, each of the buttons for the coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and milk foam functions are easy to find right on the front. Or maybe you're just trying to recreate the delicious barista-quality and flavour coffee at home. Look no further than the JURA ENA Micro 1 coffee maker, specially designed to not only to make the perfect espresso but also to be as compact as possible too.

With its multi-level grinder and micro brewing unit, you can even choose which aroma and cup size you'd like from the touch panel on the front of this JURA cappuccino and espresso machine.

JURA cleaning accessories

To keep any coffee machine in perfect condition, it's really important you keep it totally clean and hygienic. With this in mind, JURA has designed and manufactured a range of maintenance and cleaning solutions, especially for each coffee machine design. Options JURA descaling tablets, water filter cartridges, and a non-tainting cleaning agent for the milk system too.