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JVC Televisions

Modern televisions are not all the same. When it comes to high quality picture and beautiful design, JVC LED televisions are well-regarded options on the market. Top quality LED bulbs and razor thin designs make JVC a leader in the television industry. Sizes range from small bedroom sets to extra-large, wall-mounted living room screens. HD, Ultra HD, and 3D pictures provide an amazing visual experience.


JVC televisions commonly come with 1080p high definition or 4K High definition capabilities; however, more affordable JVC 768p televisions are available as well. High definition images feature 1080 lines of pixels for a very sharp image, while 4K televisions offer an image four times as clear. Screen sizes range from as small as 60 centimetres to as large as 140 centimetres or more, so you can find the right size for the available space you have. Wall-mounted screens are convenient for saving space, and wall mount kits are easy to install for any size television. SmartTV enhanced televisions from JVC make it easy to install apps, connect to the Internet, and integrate web-based viewing. JVC also offers 3D televisions, complete with rechargeable battery-operated glasses for a truly unique viewing experience.


JVC televisions are ultra slim, so they are easy to mount to nearly any wall in your home. Some models also offer tabletop stands so you don’t need to mount the set. Moreover, others offer a curved screen to create a more immersive viewing experience of your favourite movies and television programs. The 16:9 widescreen style matches that of most major films, which means you can watch your favourite movies as they were meant to be seen.


JVC has been in the television business for decades, making top quality sets that consumers trust. High quality LED bulbs, balanced power supplies, and strong construction make JVC televisions the kind that are built to last.