Jac + Jack Clothing for Women

Jac + Jack Clothing for women is the baby of fashion designers Jacqueline Hunt (Jac) and Lisa Dempsey (Jack). They burst onto the Australian fashion scene in 2004 with a commitment to designing and selling clothes that"feel good when you put them on." Followers of the brand rely on them for long-lasting, quality clothing that also offers a great style solution.

What’s in the Jac + Jack Range?

The Jac + Jack brand make outfits for women in categories that include shirts, tanks and T-shirts, signature cashmere knitwear, pants and shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, jackets and coat as well assocks and beanies. Women can choose from soft, pastel shades, to bold in-your-face solid colours. The look is soft and elegant, and there is a strong focus on the feel of the fabrics they use. The brand is committed to designs that not only look great but feel nice and fit well. It’s a total package.

The brand is carried in premium boutiques across Australia, as well as their own six stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They are proud to have their headquarters in Sydney and their design studio located in Los Angeles.

A Dying Art

Cofounder, Jacqueline Hunt, claims to have been inspired from an early age by her mother’s dressmaking skill. Watching her turn out works of art from meticulously cut and stitched fabric instilled the sense of pride in workmanship that identifies the brand to this day. Her first job, based in India, where she worked with complex, labour-intensive designs also taught her the importance of the mood of the tailor which is crafted into a well-made item of clothing.

So, buying an outfit from Jac + Jack is an investment that recognises the skill and dedication of those who work at what is really a dying art – the art of making quality, well-made and well-fitting clothes. Shop on eBay for an excellent range of truly pre-loved and new Jac + Jack outfits for women.