Zest up your meal with a delicious fruit jam or preserve

Whether you want a kick of heat, a touch of tartness, something boozy, herbal or spiced, these delicious jams, jelly's and tasty preserves are just wonderful for spreading onto a piece of toast or equally as good mixed into sauces.

Feast your eyes on a scrumptious selection of jam preserves, jellies, marmalades, curds, conserves, syrup, fruit spreads and a whole lot more.

Jams and preserves are great for breakfast toast, afternoon scones or for adding to meals for an extra zing of flavour. You'll discover chutneys, purees, strawberry jams, other fruit jams and pickles from all the leading brands, including Vegemite, Kraft and Nutella.

For those with dietary requirements, there are plenty of gluten-free, preservatives free, Kosher, vegetarian, certified organic, halal or vegan options.


From strawberry jam and blueberry jam to gently fragranced chill-infused jams, you'll no doubt find the perfect flavour to spread on toast in the morning or crumpets for tea. Jams are made from fruit with such as plums, strawberries, gooseberries or peaches with sugar and pectin. You can find smooth jams, or opt for crushed or whole fruit varieties.


Usually a blend of more than one fruit, conserve sometimes contains nuts and raisins that are cooked until the mixture becomes thick. Conserve is delicious for spreading over bread, pastries and meats and is likened to chutney when it's used with the latter.

Fruit Curd

Fruit curd is a creamy spread made with eggs, sugar and butter, usually flavoured with citrus juice and zest. Typical varieties found are lemon, lime, and blood orange curd, but you can also find fruit curds like strawberry too.

Fruit Spread

Fruit spreads are typically reduced-calorie products made with fruit juice concentrate and low-calorie sweeteners, replacing all or part of the sugar.


Preserves come in the form of chunks in a jam or syrup. Fruit preserves are vegetables or fruit that's been jarred, canned or prepared for long-term storage and tends not to be as smooth as jelly or jam.