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Japanese notes for any collector

Perfect for completing your collection, there's a vast range of collectible Japanese notes available here on eBay. Beautifully designed, a lot of these notes reflect a time when war had a huge impact on economy and currency.

Wartime currencies

There is a huge mix of countries involved when it comes to Japanese notes, mainly due to Japanese occupation during World War II. You will find allied military currency in various denominations of Sen and Yen, as well as the ever-popular banknotes with gold foil on both sides. You can even be lucky enough to find a banknote set of 24k gold foil notes to start your collection off. The 10,000 yen has gold foil on both sides and is a lovely addition to any collection.


Following the devastation and the loss of lives during wartime, Japan erected the ‘Peace Tower' which is illustrated on the 1944, 10 Sen note. So much of what you see amongst the Japanese currency available to buy reflects the tumultuous times during occupation. During this time ‘gulden' notes were printed in a number of denominations, there is no shortage of these striking notes, letting you complete your collection with ease.

If you look as far back as the 1700s you will see Japanese banknotes that are the same size and shape as what we come to expect bookmarks to look like. There are Japanese test notes, specimen traveller's cheques, bank notes that are consecutively numbered. Also, find starter collections with a small selection of bank notes that offer a diverse range of paper money for the avid collector all here for your perusal.

Whether you are solely a collector of Japanese notes, or interested in the history of Japan and military memorabilia, these Asian notes tell a story and everything you need is right here at your fingertips.