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Voted by Macworld as the best wireless earphones on the market, Jaybird earphones are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable to wear, and produce a sound quality that is unmatched among similar products at the same price point. 

Their premium and most popular product, the Jaybird X4 is so lightweight, you barely notice them in your ear, or in your pocket. Designed for use by runners and athletes, they deliver excellent performance, even during endurance runs and mountain climbs. The silicone ear caps and ear fins ensures maximum comfort for hours, while still allowing enough background noise to keep you aware of your surroundings. 

Most jaybird models feature a small module which contains batteries, microphones, and controls. Jaybird models have control buttons, which are very user-friendly. The three-button system combines volume with the skip or backtrack function. And the middle button turns the earphones on and off and performs play or pause functions as well. The middle button also connects you Bluetooth, and the earphones support Bluetooth 4.0. 

Jaybird's earphones are supported by their free MySound app, which lets you adjust the equaliser to produce a sound you'll love. 

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