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Jayco Caravan Parts and Accessories

Jayco Caravan Parts and Accessories

For almost fifty years, Jayco has been producing quality RV and camper accessories, which make quality time outdoors more enjoyable. With an emphasis on family, Jayco has dedicated itself to creating products that foster that warm family feeling when you take trips out in the bush with your loved ones. From products like awnings, annexes and other caravan parts and accessories, their line of camper essentials won’t leave you wanting in quality and availability.

Caravan Roof Racks

A roof rack is indispensable when it comes to RV living. You can store coolers, waterproof baggage, kayaks and other light vessels on top, while the side bars provide an accessible place on which to step while loading cargo. Many racks are made from an aluminium alloy to maintain strength and lightweight; they best suit for Jayco caravans but may still fit other models.

Caravan Annexes

Sometimes, a camper is not spacious enough even for a family of three. Annexes provide a convenient, efficient and elegant way to extend your living space without much hassle. Some models like the Jayco annexe awning and walls package fit the Jayco Dove camper trailer well while providing both shade and protection from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. They pack neatly into a long bag that is easy to store in your camper.

Caravan Awnings

Awnings are much simpler and easier to deploy and pack than annexes. They are simple half-tent structures that attach to the side of your camper to provide shade. Many Jayco awnings have multiple struts and mounting points for lights and other accessories so you’re free to augment them with any desired additional functions.

Caravan Storm Covers

Jayco storm covers are specialised covers that attach to the front end of your Jayco camper. They have windows with multiple features, and their outermost flaps are made of weatherproof material that protect you from sudden storms and deluges. These extensions provide extra space to use as a bedroom so you can sleep soundly in your own nook.