Jelly Moulds


Set Your Kids Favourite Jelly In One Of These Jelly Moulds

Most people have extremely fond memories of eating loads of jelly for dessert as a kid, and no doubt we all have a favourite flavour that comes to mind. If you have a kid’s party coming up or a special occasion dinner, why not bring back a childhood delight for dessert and be a little creative with it and use a jelly mould. 

On eBay you will find several jelly moulds to choose from. You will find vintage jelly moulds made from copper in the shape of a fish, vintage glass jelly moulds with nautical themes or if you are wanting something a little more modern, the well-known Tupperware jelly mould. 

About jelly moulds

Jelly moulds are ideal for making gelatine and aspic dishes. Once the jelly has set and been turned out of the mould, the jelly should keep its shape. Jelly moulds are generally made of glass, metal, silicone, or plastic. In the past they were made of tin, pewter, or copper.

Silicone moulds are very easy to use, versatile and safe for various temperatures. The best moulds are those made of 100% silicone. These moulds are generally cheaper, more convenient, and easier to find. Silicone moulds are also available in a wide range of shapes, and they are easy to clean. 

How to set your jelly

Most of the time, the standard jelly will set in a fridge with the temperature set to 5C for 3 to 4 hours. If you want to set it faster:

  • Make sure your jelly is in the coolest part of your fridge. At the back, on the bottom shelf.
  • Put some ice cubes in an empty bowl and fill it with cold water. Place your jelly mould in the ice bath and let it cool quickly. 
  • Put your moulds in the fridge to keep them cool before you add the jelly mix to them. This will help cool down the mould.
  • Smaller moulds will fasten the setting process.
  • You can use the freezer rather than the fridge.

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