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Go wild for Jellycat stuffed animals

No-one can fail to fall head over heels for this adorable collection of super-soft, cuddly Jellycat stuffed animals. These loveable animal friends are ideal for both young and older children to cuddle up with, and to take out exploring on adventures.

From cuddly teddy bears to mischievous monkeys, colourful birds to huggable sealife, and from jungle animals to farmyard toys there is something for everyone to fall in love with.

Designs and ranges

Jellycat stuffed animals are made from luxuriously soft fabrics with distinctive and tactile materials. With Jellycat meeting high safety standards, their plush toys can be whimsical or humorous, large or small but always, most definitely, cuddly.

Bunnies galore

Super-soft bunny rabbits are a winner for all ages with their floppy ears and cute tails. There is not just one bunny style though, you are spoiled for choice with an array of Bashful, Blossom and Yummy bunnies to pick from, all of different colours. Blossom bunnies have floral ears and feet and are definitely the most playful of bunnies, while the Yummy bunnies are a bit messy and like going into pockets.

The best menagerie to choose from

The Bashful range is not confined to bunnies, they have friends from every habitat and environment, including a squidgy unicorn. With the biggest grin you will ever see, you can't fail to smile on encountering a toothy pig or toothy lion. The fun and carefree Fuddlewuddles are irresistible as well with his big ears and big nose, who would not want to snuggle up to Jellycat's Fuddlewuddle elephant. With little legs and long legs, pocket-sized and big, there are stuffed animals to accompany every outing and occasion.

These collectable soft toys are designed to delight and enthral all ages, with animals that squeak and rattle for the youngest connoisseurs, to others to simply fall in love with and never want to be without.