Jet Ski Cover

Jet Ski Covers

A proper-fitting, high-quality jet ski cover is essential for anyone who has a jet ski. If youve invested in a personal watercraft of this type, youve probably already faced the challenge of storing it properly. Regardless of whether you keep it in the open or in a garage, long-term storage requires the added layer of protection that a jet ski cover provides. Choose your cover based on your make and model, as well as the level of weather exposure on your primary storage location.

Make, Model and Size

You can find many different jet ski covers on the market and one of the main differences between them will be their make and model compatibility. Most of them are made to serve several models, however, getting a Yamaha cover for a Yamaha jet ski will in most cases provide you with a better fit. Some cover models are so universal that they can be used on jet skis, waverunners and superchargers. However, since theres a clear difference in size between these devices, the covers can be a loose fit. To avoid this problem, some cover manufacturers offer the universal covers in several sizes. Always check the dimensions specs and purchase the cover thats a closest match.


Most covers are made of a plastic, yet breathable material such as polyurethane. The main goal is to provide a nice, thick cover of your jet ski which protects from sun and dust, but its still breathable enough to protect from mildew as well. Excellent UV protection is key as long-term exposure to sunlight can damage the paint and protective coatings on your jet ski. Reflective materials are not often used on the covers as they might cause problems in traffic when a jet ski is transported. As a general rule of thumb thicker covers offer better UV protection.

Features and Accessories

Pay close attention to all additional features available on a jet ski cover. Clasps, buckles, straps and other securing mechanisms are highly important if you plan to tow your jet ski with a cover on it. Some covers are secure enough to be used on the road at 100 kilometres per hour, which is the maximum towing speed. An interesting accessory to look for is the storage bag which comes with some of the cover models. These bags are highly practical as they keep the cover clean and easy to carry at all times.