Bring the inside out with a Jetboil

For those who are outdoors enthusiasts, the Jetboil is an absolute essential that will help to warm you up when it gets a little chilly in the fresh air. A cooking stove, and camping cookware are invaluable pieces of kit for any backpacker. Compact and portable, they take up little room, and will be your new best friend after a long day trudging around.

A fantastic invention that will provide you with hot food, and drinks quickly, and efficiently, the Jetboil is light, convenient, and durable, making it perfect for taking along with you, even when you're on the move. No more messing around with flasks, or needing to get back to wherever your base is, the Jetboil makes hot food, and drinks on the move easy.

A hot toddy to warm you up

Get the cold evenings off to a flying start with a warmed-up Jim Beam to get you all toasty in front of the fire. The Jetboil makes it easy to make the Kentucky Bourbon a warm delight, because there is nothing quite like having a tipple after a long hike, and the Jetboil makes it a treat, that can be achieved in virtually no time at all. Don't forget the fuel.

Safe and easy

Coming with a cup that has an insulating cover, the Jetboil is very easy, and safe to use, with the thinking minds behind the invention ensuring that every angle is covered. The design of the main Jetboil is very compact, allowing you to carry the burner, tripod, and cartridge inside the cup itself.

For those who want a little more versatility, there are other options available that allow you to cook using a pan, as well as pot supports that ensure you are using the Jetboil in the safest way possible. If you're looking for utensils, eBay also offers a wide variety of camping stove parts and accessories ensuring that your warming up, and cooking experience, whilst in the great outdoors, is fully covered.