Bring warmth to your home with Jetmaster

A fireplace makes for the perfect centrepiece within your room, and there are very few finer models on the market than a Jetmaster.

With a wide variety of Jetmaster furnaces and heating systems, from wood burning open fires, and multi-fuel stoves, to wood stoves, Jetmaster works hard, and dedicates time to ensuring that they are efficient, kind to the environment, and most importantly, built to last.

Made exclusively in Cornwall, England, you no longer have to fork our mega amounts of money in order to have one in your home. eBay has plenty of options available, there is bound to be one to suit your taste, and individual style.

Gas fires

Our summers in Oz may be scorchers, but come winter time, a ripper fire is a great way to keep warm, and cosy when the weather outside may not be one thats in favour of a vest top.

A gas fire from Jetmaster is not only practical in terms of blowing out warmth when youre a bit nippy, but it has an ability to become atmospheric within your home, and add another dimension to your interior design that extends further than just how things look.

Wood fires

For those who prefer something a little more rustic, a wood fire is a stunning addition to your home, and adds a nostalgic feel to your interior design.

Whether you choose to own an inset stove that can be integrated into your wall space with a flush, sleek finish, or you prefer to have an open fire that brings a touch of the outdoors into your home, one thing you can be sure of with a Jetmaster fireplace is quality. Dont let location become an issue when it comes to owning the fireplace youve always wanted.