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If you’re a fan of accessories, you’ll know you can never really have too many pieces of jewellery. You’ll have your formal jewellery, casual jewellery, holiday jewellery, and let’s not forget accessories for those special occasions like weddings and the races. The only problem with having so many items is finding somewhere to store it all. Jewellery is notorious for getting tangled, and tiny pieces like earrings can easily be lost, never to be seen again. The solution to all this? Jewellery boxes and organisers! With sections, drawers and holders designed especially for long items like necklaces and tiny items like earrings, your jewellery worries will be banished forever! 

There are several different types of jewellery boxes and organisers to choose from, depending on the kind of jewellery you’d mostly like to use it for. If you have lots of necklaces to organise, you’ll be best looking for a tall stand like a jewellery tree, or a large jewellery box with plenty of room for your chains to stretch out. If you have lots of earrings, rings and other small items, opt for a jewellery box with drawers and compartments to keep everything organised and safe.

Jewellery organisers and stands are also very useful for anyone selling jewellery in their shop or at a market. Jewellery that’s shown off beautifully will have the best chance of being sold, so make sure yours is looking it’s finest by displaying it on a rack, stand or holder. You can find these in all kinds of colours and fabrics to ensure they blend in with your current display. 

Whether you’re organising your bedroom or restyling your shopfront, check out the selection of jewellery organisers on eBay.

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