Jewellery Care, Design & Repair

Get crafty with jewellery design and repair supplies from eBay

Looking to take your jewellery maintenance into your own hands? Or perhaps you’re a budding jewellery designer in need of some equipment to get you started? Either way, you’ve come to right place to find all the jewellery design and repair materials you may need. Whether you’re simply looking for a quick polish for your everyday jewellery or are embarking on a new jewellery design business, you’ll find the care, repair and design products right here on eBay.

There are so many useful products out there to help make a jewellery designer’s life easier. If rings are where you’re going to focus your efforts, you can find fantastic tools like ring resizers, size gauges and soldering kits to attach your chosen jewels.

If you work with pendants or necklaces, you’ll find cords and threads in a variety of colours and materials, plus jewellery tools such as pliers to ensure everything is as tight and secure as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to be creating jewellery from scratch to want to buy products to help you look after it. Wearing jewellery on a daily basis can take its toll on its shine, and it only takes a quick polish with the right product to bring it back to its shining best. eBay is home to everything you need to get your accessories looking tip top, whether you have one piece to clean or hundreds. You’ll find industrial scale cleansing baths, delicate polishing cloths, silver jewellery cleaner and everything in between. Discover the range of jewellery cleaners and polishes on eBay today.