Jewellery Cleaners and Polish

Owning gorgeous jewellery is all good and well, but if your precious rings and necklaces are not clean they will look dull and lacklustre. Cleaning your jewellery on a regular basis whether it's gold, silver or other material will ensure that your valued possessions are looking as sparkly as the day you got them. There are many kinds of jewellery cleaners and polishes that you can use to revitalise your bling and make sure to look out for a product that suits your stone and metal type. Do not try and use gold jewellery cleaner on a silver necklace or vice versa.

How Often Should I Clean My Jewellery?

If your jewellery is looking particularly dirty after a day at the beach or in the bush then it would make sense to clean it. Other than that, you should do it on a regular basis to keep bracelets, necklaces and rings looking bright and shiny.

  • Diamonds: For diamond rings that you wear every day, it's a good idea to give them a light clean every fortnight with a diamond cleaning product. Make sure to have a thorough professional clean about every six months.
  • Silver: Daily worn silver jewellery needs cleaning once a fortnight or once a month with a silver jewellery cleaner. Silver keeps its sparkle more than other metals but you should still clean regularly.
  • Gold: Gold can easily become dull looking so you should try to clean with a gold jewellery cleaner every one to two weeks.

How Does an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner Work?

An ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is a small device that takes care of cleaning your jewellery. It uses high frequency ultrasound waves without any nasty chemicals and relieves you of the time and effort to clean your jewellery yourself.

  • Removes all foreign particles: The ultrasound waves to remove dirty, tarnish and oil along with unwanted particles from your jewellery.
  • Reaches every part: When manually cleaning your jewellery, there are often parts that are hard to get at with a polishing cloth. The ultrasonic machine can reach all the unreachable places so your jewellery will be entirely clean.