Jewellery Findings

Jewellery Findings

Jewellery making and repair starts with quality parts and there are a few essentials to stock up on before you can start getting creative. Choosing your beads and accessories is exciting, but unless you have the correct findings you will lose the professional finish on your handmade jewellery.

Jewellery Wire

With all kinds of jewellery making, you will need a base to work from. Most handmade jewellery uses cord, wire or thread. Jewellery wire is specially crafted for jewellery projects and comes in a wide variety of metals and finishes. Some types of wire, such as aluminium, come in different colours and finishes to enhance the beads and charms you have chosen. Memory wire is another interesting option to work with, as it holds its shape to create spiraled jewellery designs for beautiful bangles and more. You can even choose wire made from precious metals such as gold or silver to enhance your piece.

Jewellery Cords and Threads

Jewellery cord is thicker than thread but more pliable than wire. Available in many materials from natural leather and silk to stretch nylon, jewellery cord is also sometimes used as a part of the design. Many types of cords are able to stretch, which makes them perfect for chokers and stretch bracelets. Thread is normally thinner than cord, soft and easy to work, with a range of different thicknesses and compositions. Some thread types need to be waxed to prevent fraying. For normal seed beads a fine thread can be used, whereas metal beads and gemstones are likely to require a heavy-duty gauge thread.

Jump Rings and Split RIngs

Jump rings and split rings are extremely versatile findings. They form a ring that can join two pieces of jewellery together, act as a spacer, or can be used to hang ornaments such as charms or beads from the main piece. A jump ring is a single circle of metal that can be opened by twisting it to the side (never stretching it open as that will cause the ring to lose its shape). When the desired effect is achieved, the jump ring is re-closed with pliers. A split ring is similar to the ring many people have on their key chains. It is a tight spiral that needs to be threaded onto the objects it is meant to hold.