Craft Beads

Used for an array of creative projects, craft beads accent and embellish jewellery, clothing, bags, or home decor. From sparkling crystals that look amazing on a bracelet, to plastic pony beads kids can make barrettes with, there are endless uses for beads of all shapes and sizes. Keep a stash of beads on hand in your craft room and enjoy the endless possibilities craft beading offers.

Crystal Clear

Add glamour and elegance to any project with crystal craft beads. These shimmering beads feature multiple facets that reflect light, creating a special effect that beautifully accents any piece. Purchase crystal jewellery beads that string on to necklaces or bracelets, or opt for glue-on designs you use to decorate clothing or other fabric crafts, such as handbags or jackets. Available in different sizes and styles, including bicone beads and round beads, crystal beads add sparkle when you need it.

Heart of Glass

Beautiful and luxe, glass craft beads elevate jewellery with their distinct designs and shapes. Opt for crackle beads for a textured look, or choose beautiful Millefiori beads that feature numerous colours. Use lampwork beads to embroider onto fabric crafts or make ornaments, or select seed beads to use as spacers for handmade jewellery pieces. Glass pearls create a polished look when used in jewellery making, and cubed beads are visually appealing options.

Knock on Wood

Fun for kids' crafts, oversized wood beads also make eclectic jewellery. Select unfinished wooden beads and paint them as you desire, or choose patterned drum beads. Wood beads vary in shape, including geometric, round, or square styles. Patterned beads add a bohemian look to your creations, and oval beads bring to mind the 70s. Kids love stringing large coloured wood beads onto yarn to make their own custom necklaces.

Fantastic Plastic

Great for crafting hair accessories and friendship bracelets, or using in bridal or seasonal decor, affordable plastic beads offer an array of decorating opportunities. Plastic pearl beads are perfect for bouquets or table decorations. Fun beads shaped like hearts, fish, and flowers work well for kids' crafts, while colourful or metallic round beads of all sizes fit into holiday wreaths or ornaments perfectly. Faceted beads make beautiful jewellery, and plastic beads are fun to embroider or crochet into existing projects like scarves or clothing.