Jewellery Making Charms and Pendants

Stock up on jewellery making craft beads, charms and pendants so that you will be ready to make a new creation whenever the inspiration hits. By keeping extra supplies on hand, you remove the need to shop for new items before you start crafting. Making your own necklaces and bracelets is a fun way to be creative. As a bonus, you get to wear unique pieces that will impress your friends and family. What’s more, when it comes time to gift the birthday girl, a handmade gift is always the best.

Charms and Pendants

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there is actually a difference between a charm and a pendant. A charm is typically smaller than 25 mm and has either a fixed loop or a drilled hole to connect to the chain while pendants are larger, measuring 25 mm or larger, and uses a bail, loop, or jump ring to attach to the chain. What’s more, pendants tend to be geared toward necklaces while charms are a better choice for bracelets. However, if you find one you like, don’t be restricted to only using charms on bracelets and pendants on necklaces.

Charm and Pendant Material

There are many different materials used to make pendants for jewellery making including plastic jewellery making pendants.

Charm and Pendant Designs

There are many designs and styles available for crafters to choose from when making a new piece of jewellery. Consider a cowboy charm for the rodeo queen, angel wings for an angel or a crown for your little princess. The options are practically unlimited when it comes to finding the perfect charm and pendant.

A Look for all Occasions

Just because a piece is homemade, it doesn’t mean that it is only for casual get-togethers. Wear an elegant, hanging pendant for an evening out; and a whimsical charm for a picnic at the beach, there is a pendant or charm for every occasion. Make your special day even more special with a piece of jewellery that not only looks good but was made with love.