Jewellery Mixed Lots

Jewellery and Watches Wholesale Lots

Buying jewellery and watches in bulk and wholesale lots allows you to compile inventory and resell at a higher price. Wholesale watches and jewellery are generally sold much cheaper than the retail price, provided multiple units are purchased. The wholesaler doesn't have to spend as much as a standard retailer on marketing and presentation, and therefore, is able to sell the item at a lower cost.

Estate Jewellery

Buying bulk estate jewellery is quite common. Watches and jewellery are sold in lots, according to weight or number of items, or simply just in a pile. You can then sort through the jewellery and clean and repair it for future use, or even remove precious gems and melt the precious metals down for gold and silver recovery. This can be a great way to find some fantastic hidden gems, from vintage and retro items to valuable pieces that are tarnished and simply need a good clean and polish.

Wholesale Watches for Sale

There are a lot of styles of wholesale watches available. Delicate rose gold watches, bangle and bracelet watches, patterned faces and leather, and metallic and plastic straps all make great ladies' options. Kids' watches are brightly coloured and crafted from durable materials, such as silicone rubber—perfect for little skins as it can be wiped clean and doesn't cause rashes. Men's watches range from elegant professional solutions with sleek faces and leather straps to more durable heavy-duty watches with chunky faces and rubber wristbands.

Wholesale Bulk Jewellery

Buying jewellery in bulk is popular with online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Costume jewellery, which is made from plated metals, glass and plastic beads and ornaments, allows consumers to change its look and style very easily, and at a much more affordable level than if they were to buy fine jewellery. Tasselled necklaces and earrings add pops of colour as well as interest and texture, and glass and crystals provide sparkle and glitz.