Jig Fishing Baits & Lures

Amazing Fishing Jigs

Want to go out into deeper waters and catch amazing fish? All saltwater fishing jigs are not the same, nor are all freshwater fishing jigs equal either. Adding an assortment of fishing jigs to your collection of fishing baits, lures, and flies may help you bring the prize fish home. Having the right fishing jig to match your angling environment makes fishing more enjoyable while helping you get closer to reaching your catch limit.

Grassy Environments

Swim jigs allow anglers to move the lure through weeds where bass enjoy feeding. Swim jigs are lightweight and typically include a narrow head that allows them to glide effortlessly through weeds without tangling. Swim jigs feature hooks that are narrow and extremely sharp so they can penetrate and hook fish more easily. Paddle tails and grubs make great swim jig trailers.

Rocky Bottoms

Aptly named for the football-shaped head, football jigs make the perfect companions for rocky bottom fishing environments. Football jigs are ideal for rocky waters because the jigs can manoeuvre around more freely without getting stuck in cracks that might trap other types of bait. Football jigs feature a sharp hook with a wide gap and a body that includes a full skirt and often a weed guard as well. Grubs, minnows, and craws are all great football jig trailers for rocky environments.

Casting Jigs

Anglers who want a multi-purpose jig often choose a casting jig what comes with or without a rattle. A lot of casting jigs are lightweight and include either round or flat head, which enables the jig to remain upright while on the bottom. Some of the more popular casting jigs include a medium-strength weed guard that prevents snagging.

Anything Goes

Those who fish in waters that contain thick brush, grasses, and other debris need a fishing jig that can handle anything that comes their way. A flipping jig is one of the popular styles amongst anglers because they are compact and typically include a fishing line tie that is recessed to prevent snagging. Popular flipping jigs also include weed guards as well as integrated rattles.